Suzy's Approach to MaxDiff

Suzy’s MaxDiff action is a great way to understand your consumers preferences among a given set of attributes, such as flavors, product features, or claims! 

Suzy MaxDiff Features:

  • MaxDiff is available as a new survey type, and users will be able to add MaxDiff questions to that survey.  
  • When creating a MaxDiff survey, users will be able to add MaxDiff questions as well as other question types (e.g. Multiple Choice, Rating, Rank, Scale, Custom Grid). Users can add multiple MaxDiff questions in any order throughout the survey. 
  • Test between 5-30 text attributes and 5-18 image attributes in a single MaxDiff action!
  • Depending on the number of attributes tested, each MaxDiff action will use between 1-3 questions within your 20 question survey. 
  • In-platform calculation and visualization of utility scores once your MaxDiff action has filled to completion. 
  • MaxDiff surveys require additional analysis to ensure balanced survey design is achieved. Therefore, there are specific respondent minimums (ranging between 120-1,000 respondents) depending on how the survey is configured. 
    • If you are testing 5 attributes, you will need a minimum of 120 respondents
    • If you are testing 6 attributes, you will need a minimum of 720 respondents
    • If you are testing 7+ attributes, you will need a minimum of 1,000 respondents
  • Depending on how many text attributes you are testing, that will determine how many sets that break out into. 
    • Each set will be treated as a separate question to Crowdtap members 
    • E.g. if you are testing 10 text attributes, that could break out into 1 set (i.e. question) of 10 attributes or 2 sets (i.e. questions) of 5 attributes each. 

The Respondent Experience when taking a MaxDiff survey:

  • When crowdtap members view a MaxDiff action, they will view each set as its own question
  • They will see all attributes added during question set up. Member will see each attribute once, regardless of the amount of sets,  and the attributes will be randomized for each member to ensure survey balance is achieved
  • Members must make one “Most” selection and one “Least” selection per set of attributes.

Credits Needed to Run a MaxDiff on Suzy

  • Because of the additional research analysis embedded within a MaxDiff survey, each MaxDiff action will be worth 10 credits each
    • Regardless of the number of sets in your MaxDiff action, each action will be worth 10 credits each.
  • When adding any other non-Maxdiff action to the Maxdiff survey, it will be the same credit cost
    • For example, if you creating a MaxDiff survey and you add 3 MaxDiff action (10 credits each) and 2 Multiple choice actions (1 credit each) - you will have used 32 credits total (10 + 10 + 10 + 1 + 1 = 32) 

Ready to set up your MaxDiff action? Head over to the step-by-step guide to get started!