Suzy Live Project Communications, Emails, and Interview Invites

There’s a few automated emails you and all members on a project will receive for your Suzy Live project:

  • Project Form Received Email
    • This email is confirmation that you’ve successfully submitted a Suzy Live project form and outlines next steps.
  • Daily Update Email
    • This email is sent daily at 8AM in the time zone the project is configured in. If you have an interview that day or the following day you will receive a daily update email. 
    • The interview schedule for the day and the following day (if applicable) are captured in this email.
    • Calendar links to all of the day’s interviews are in this email. You can add these interviews to your calendar using a google link or .ics file! 
  • Interview Update Email (Interview Scheduled/Rescheduled/Canceled)
    • This email is an update on any changes (new interviews, rescheduling, cancellations) to interviews that occur on that day. These emails will notify you of any sudden changes to the schedule on the day of.

The ability to add interviews to your calendar is available via the Daily Update email and Interview Update emails. Both of these emails include the ability for you to add each interview to your calendar/s.

  • Google: If you use Google Calendar, simply click the “Google” image near the “Add to Calendar” line and a new browser tab will open Google Calendar and prepopulate the interview information. All you need to do is click “save.” The interview will appear on your Google calendar.
  • All other Cals: If you use Outlook or iCal, simply click “All other Cals” near the “Add to Calendar” line to prompt an immediate download of the interview’s .ics file. This .ics file containing the interview information will download directly to your download folder.
    • Outlook app: If you’re using the Outlook app, drag the .ics file overtop of your calendar. You’ll be prompted to import the event to your calendar. Once you click “import”, The interview will appear on your Outlook calendar.
    • Outlook web: If you’re using Outlook from a web browser, click “Add Calendar”, select “Upload from file”, browse for the .ics file you downloaded for the interview, then select which calendar you want it to display before you click “Import”. The interview will then appear on your calendar.
    • iCal: If you’re using iCal, open iCal, click file, import, then select the .ics file from your downloads folder. You’ll be prompted to import the event to your calendar. Once you click “import”, The interview will appear on your calendar.