Overview of Data Explorer

Data Explorer on Suzy is a way to visualize, manipulate, and cut your data directly on the Suzy platform! An upgrade from Suzy’s crosstabs feature, Data Explorer allows users to create custom banners and data cuts using in-platform demographics, segments/panels, quotas, and previously asked questions. Additionally, users can add stat testing, create custom NETs, and filter their data by completed responses, respondent IDs, segments/ panels, and demographics, adding flexibility when visualizing and analyzing data run on Suzy.

Data Explorer is a great way to save time when it comes to data analysis! It is perfect for quickly cutting your data and saves users from downloading data and using a statistical program such as SPSS or Q to accomplish more complex data cuts.

If you have access to Data Explorer, head over to our step by step guide in order to get started! Another great place to start is our Data Explorer Glossary, which details the terminology used by the Data Explorer platform! If you are interested in more in-depth tutorials and walkthroughs, head over to Suzy Academy!

Interested in Data Explorer but don’t have access yet? Please contact your CSM for more information!