Data Explorer Tips & Tricks

Below are some tips and tricks that will help you when using Data Explorer! 

  • Use Descriptive Names for your Table Views, NETs, and Filters. 
    • Use a descriptive name that clearly labels what is being captured in your Table View, NET, or Filter! 
    • As a reminder- other users who share your dashboard can see, use, and edit your Table Views, NETs, and Filters. Use names that will make sense to other users.
    • Example- if your Table View contains a gender banner group and 95% confidence interval stat testing, a great name for your banner would be ‘Gender, Stat Testing 95%’
  • Utilize bulk functionalities, such as applying Table Views to other tables, and bulk exporting your finalized tables to Excel/Powerpoint
    • Using bulk functionalities will save you time and effort when it comes to cutting and analyzing your data!
  • Statistical testing is a great way to pinpoint and understand differences between the groups you are studying! 95% confidence is the industry standard for stat testing, but assessing different levels can give great directional insights when analyzing your results.
    • If you’d like more information about stat testing and how to interpret stat testing notation, check out this article or head over to Suzy Academy for an in depth walkthrough!  
    • As a reminder, stat testing is applied to the various columns of your data table. If your table is not stat testing your groups correctly, consider swapping the values in the ‘Rows’ and ‘Columns’ of your Table View!
  • Nest your banner with care! You can nest up to 4 groups when creating your banners within your Table View!