TURF Overview

A TURF analysis (an acronym for total unduplicated reach and frequency) is a research technique used to identify an optimal combination of attributes (ex: flavors, features, or claims) that will appeal to the largest number of consumers. TURF questions are run as a multiselect multiple choice question, where respondents select the flavors, features, or claims that they are interested in. TURF questions are typically phrased as “which of the following flavors would you purchase” or “which of the following claims appeal to you?” The data from this question is fed into a TURF simulator, which allows users to identify an optimal combination and simulate various combinations based on demographics, excluding/hiding certain attributes, and custom ordering. 

TURF is best run in cases where 2-30 attributes are tested. In cases where 30+ attributes are asked in a single question, it can be overwhelming and taxing for respondents to answer, leading to potentially unreliable results. 

TURF is an absolute measurement- it gauges whether a respondent will buy a product, or if a consumer is interested in certain features. In most cases, TURF is paired with a relative measurement, such as a MaxDiff of ranking question. 

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