Suzy’s TURF

Suzy’s TURF is great to use when identifying an optimal combination of attributes (ex: flavors, features, or claims.) Below is a quick overview of Suzy’s TURF action type- for a more in-depth overview of Suzy’s TURF, head over to Suzy Academy to learn more! 

Suzy’s TURF:

  • Test 2-30 attributes at a time
  • TURF is a stand alone question type. Ask it on it’s own or add it to any survey type
    • A TURF question can be asked in a standard survey, MaxDiff survey, or the comparison section of a Monadic survey. 
  • TURF actions cost 10 credits to run. This includes the cost of running the action, and usage of the TURF simulator after the question is completed on the Suzy platform. 
  • TURF results can be visualized in 2 ways: TURF simulator and attribute performance chart
    • TURF Simulator: an interactive simulator where users can custom order, hide/remove options, and view the total reach and frequency of various attribute combinations
    • Attribute Performance Chart: Broken out by attribute, this chart shows the % of respondents that selected each option.

Now that you are familiarized with the specifics of Suzy’s TURF, head over to our step-by-step guide to get started! If you have any questions about the terms above, check out our TURF glossary!