TURF Glossary

Attribute: List of items (e.g. flavors, claims, features) from which a respondent can select. 

TURF Simulator: Interactive view of TURF results, allowing users to custom order, exclude, filter by demographics, and assess the reach/frequency of various combinations.

  • Waterfall chart: The typical way of visualizing TURF results- waterfall charts show the cumulative and incremental reach of each combination within your TURF. On Suzy, frequency is also shown in the waterfall chart.
  • Table View: Shows the same results as the waterfall chart, but in table format.

Attribute Performance Chart: Broken out by attribute, this chart shows the % of respondents that selected each option.

Reach: The % of respondents who selected at least one of the options in a given combination. Reach can be looked at in 2 ways:

  • Cumulative Reach: Is the total unduplicated reach at a specific item - or total no. of respondents reached by the combination of items. In the chart that is represented as the combination of both the light and dark purple bars. 
  • Incremental Reach:  Incremental reach is the step pattern created by the chart that illustrates how much net new reach each option is adding to the overall reach of the combinations. In the chart that is represented as the dark purple bar. 

Frequency: The average number of items selected by a respondent within a given combination. Frequency is a relative metric that contextualizes market potential of a given combination.

  • Total respondents: the average number of items chosen within that combination, among all respondents.
  • Options reached: the average number of items chosen within that combination,  among only those respondents selecting within that combination.

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