TURF: A step-by-step guide

TURF Analysis is a market research methodology that identifies an optimal combination from a list of options that will reach the largest number of potential customers.On Suzy, TURF questions are asked in multiselect multiple choice question format. Each TURF question costs 10 credits to run. 

When writing a TURF question, the goal is to assess the number of attributes (flavors, claims, features etc.) that will be selected by individuals. These questions typically assess an individual’s likelihood to purchase an attribute (flavor, claim, feature etc.), but also can assess individuals’ likelihood of identifying attributes as relevant or appealing. As a reminder, on Suzy all TURF questions are asked in multiselect multiple choice format! Some example TURF questions are below: 

  • Please select all flavors that you would be willing to purchase. 
  • Please select all features that you find relevant 
  • Please select all the claims that you find appealing

Step-by-step guide for setting up a TURF question on Suzy:

  1. Select ‘TURF’ as a standalone action or add it to a survey. 
  2. Add your question text- below are some examples of typical TURF questions
    • Which of the following flavors would you purchase? 
    • Which of the following product features are appealing to you? 
  3. Add your answer options- Suzy’s TURF supports up to 30 options per TURF question
  4. Review and launch/add your TURF question! 

Some notes on Suzy’s TURF question set up:

  • TURF questions are always asked in multiselect multiple choice format
  • Answer options have a 150 character limit
  • Multiselect is always enabled for TURF questions. 
  • Pre-roll Media can be added to TURF questions
  • Adding an ‘Other’ option  is NOT available for TURF actions

Results are visualized in 2 ways- via attribute performance chart and through an interactive TURF simulator. 

After you’ve launched your TURF question, head over to our Analysis Guide to read more about how to visualize, simulate, and review your results!