Analyzing TURF Results

TURF results are primarily shown in 2 ways on the Suzy platform: Attribute Performance Chart and TURF Simulator. We will review both of these and how to use them in this article!

Attribute Performance Chart: Broken out by attribute, this chart shows the % of respondents that selected each option. This chart is updated live as the action fills! This chart gives a quick and initial impression of which attributes performed best and informs the default starting point in the TURF Simulator. 

TURF Simulator: Suzy’s TURF simulator is an interactive simulator that allows users to analyze the reach and frequency of hundreds of combinations. This simulator view is only available after your TURF action closes. Below are the various levers/options that users can manipulate within the simulator:

  • Reposition: Users can reposition any responses within the first five positions of your TURF. Your TURF will be recalculated after any repositioning is applied. 
  • Exclude: Users can exclude responses from the TURF chart. This will remove that option from the reach and frequency calculations entirely. The TURF chart will recalculate reach after exclusions are applied. This will not change the n size that your TURF is calculated from.
    • After exclusions are applied, you can click the 'Show Excluded' button to track what attributes have been removed from the simulator.  
  • Filter by Demographics: Users can filter TURF data by the following demographics: Age, Gender, Region, Income, and Ethnicity. This will rebase (change the n size) that your TURF is calculated from. 
  • Update Frequency: Ability to toggle between two different frequency calculations →  Total Responses and Options Reached

When a simulation has been applied, it will recalculate the TURF data to reflect the latest simulation. The TURF simulator can be viewed in a chart or table view. If you need to reset the simulator, simply press the ‘Reset’ button on the top right corner. 

When exporting from the TURF Simulator, Suzy will export the latest simulation.