Suzy's Terms and Conditions

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Updated Suzy Terms: Key Changes (As of 03/08/2023)

We’ve updated our Terms and Conditions to give you more detail about how we provide our services and how we process personal information. The updates are focused on helping you understand our practices, so you can use Suzy in the way that’s right for you.

You can read the updated Terms in full here. Below are the key changes we’ve made:

Summary of what’s changing:

  • We’ve added a Data Processing Addendum to address new privacy laws and expanded Suzy product offerings. Suzy’s Data Processing Addendum (“DPA”) sets out the contractual framework under which Suzy processes personal data on behalf of your organization.  The DPA aligns with GDPR, CPRA, and VCDPA requirements and includes provisions to clients with evolving privacy law compliance. The DPA forms part of the existing agreement between Suzy and your company. 
  • We revised the definitions of Member Content (now, “Member Data”) and Deliverables (now, “Work Product”) to ensure you have clear ownership of your survey results. 
  • We’ve expanded the scope of the Member Data license to resolve common questions about the use of certain qualitative products. 
  • We’ve included Client consent to our use of certain Subprocessors set forth on our Subprocessor List
  • We’ve removed interest fees on late payments and expanded our indemnification obligations with regards to IP infringement.