Launching Actions: Credit Utilization

When launching actions in Suzy, each action costs a certain number of credits to run. The cost of each action depends on the type of action and potential analysis associated. For more questions about cost/credits per action, reach out to your CSM!

When running surveys, on the Review page there is a Credit Utilization Summary on the right side that will summarize the number of credits each action will use, and the total number of credits for the entire survey. You can also see the following:

  • Action + Credit breakdown for all questions in your survey
  • Total Credits needed for the entire survey
  • Available Credits: the total number of credits left within the account. 
    • If you do not have enough credits associated with the account, you will receive a warning message and you will be unable to launch the mission. 

After a mission has been launched and is Live or Completed, you will be able to view the Summary breakdown on the Details page of the mission as well! 

Below are a few reminders around credits and credit utilization on Suzy:

  • Screening missions do not utilize the credit system- rather each Screener is allocated up to 20 multiple choice questions. You will not be charged per question within screeners, but instead per screener action as a whole. 
  • Auto-assigns do not count towards your credits so therefore you will not see that action in the Summary breakdown.