Showreels: Step-by-Step Guide

Showreels: Step-by-Step Guide

Showreels, also known as sizzle reels, are short video montages used to summarize insights from your Suzy Live IDIs, focus groups, and video open ends. Ready to create a showreel? Follow the steps below to get started!

Selecting assets for your Showreel:

  1. Go to view your video assets, via Suzy Live clips or video open ends responses. 
  2. Users can select which assets they want to use in their show reels via the “Send to Video Editor” button on the bottom right hand corner. 
  3. Users can also select multiple assets at a time (via the check box) and send all selected assets via the “Send to Video Editor” button on the bar at the top right. 
  4. REMINDER: All assets need to be selected and sent to the Video Editor to be used in a Showreel! 

Creating your Showreel:

  1. Click the “Create New Reel” button from the video open ends result page, under the ‘Showreels’ tab. This will open your video editor in a new tab where you can begin working on your showreels. 
  2. Select a template to get started! Name your showreel by clicking the title on the upper left hand corner. Note: users must select a template to get started. There is a “start from scratch” template available if needed!
  3. The template will be broken into scenes, where you can add/edit the assets included, the length of the scene, and update the text, colors, and layout. 
    • Video Style in the top right corner is where you can change the primary and secondary font weights, as well as the four showreel colors. These settings will apply to each scene in your Showreel. Colors can be swapped on an individual scene by selecting the paint palette icon near the bottom left of the scene.
    • To select from your assets sent from Suzy and Suzy Live, click the ‘Swap’ icon on the current asset. This will open up the asset library, where you can select what goes into the current scene. Assets sent from Suzy and Suzy Live will be in the “My Media” tab. Your assets will be categorized by the Suzy Live project or video open end action from which they originated. 
  4. Add a voiceover if desired, and update the text/layout of the scene as needed. 
    • Examples of edits you can make are: colors, fonts, music, logos, and text/key findings.
  5. Easily navigate through your scenes by using the overview bar on the bottom of the screen. From here you can also duplicate, add, or delete scenes from your Showreel. 
  6. When finished working on your showreel, you can choose to close the tab, which will save your showreel as a draft, or publish your reel!
    • Your showreels will auto-save every 3-5 seconds, ensuring that your progress is always captured within the Video Editor. 

Editing/Viewing your Showreels:

  1. The Showreels tab in both Suzy and Suzy Live will display all drafts and published reels associated with that specific dashboard and your Suzy account. You’ll also be able to view and download the published reels created by any of your team members/colleagues who also are on your account
  2. From the Showreels tab, you can view, edit, clone, and download your showreels. 
  3. Clicking ‘Edit’ from the menu will open up the video editor, where you can continue working on your showreel. 
  4. When you are satisfied with your reel, click publish!

Some reminders around creating Showreels:

  • From the Showreels tab, you can see all drafts you have created and all published showreels associated with your account.
    • Note: you cannot see any drafts created by other users on the account until they have been published.
  • Your showreels will auto-save every 3-5 seconds, ensuring that your progress is always captured within the Video Editor. 

Ready to share your showreels? Check out our best practices around showreels, and our guide to sharing showreels.