Showreels Best Practices

Sharing Showreels

  • Before sharing your Showreels, check with your legal department to ensure compliance with all legal requirements and policies! 
    • As a reminder, Showreels may contain PI (personal information) and sensitive materials. Before sharing, you may need to obtain consent from respondents. 
    • For more information around personal information and respondent privacy, click here. 
    • For more information on how to use and share video responses, click here
  • Familiarize yourself with Suzy’s collection of biometric data policies and what we share with all video respondents. To see this policy click here.

Using the Showreels Video Editor

  • Remember to keep respondent privacy in mind when building your showreel! 
  • Import all of your assets (Suzy live interviews, video open ends) at once before opening the Video Editor! Reminder- you can upload assets in bulk!
  • Keep your showreel between 3-7 minutes! This guideline will keep you showreel easy to digest, with enough time to incorporate 5-10 assets. 
  • Leverage the provided templates to create your showreels! These templates have an optimized layout that will help you create a polished and customized showreel in a matter of minutes.