Showreels Overview

Welcome to Showreels, powered by Suzy Live! Video showreels, also known as sizzle reels, are short video montages used to summarize insights from a qualitative research project/study. They are a quick and powerful way to showcase insights, and typically run anywhere between 3-7 minutes in length. Using insights from Suzy live IDIs, focus groups, and video open ends, users can create their own showreels directly on Suzy!

When using Suzy’s video editor to create showreels, users will be able to choose from a variety of templates to help create and structure their showreel.Users can select Suzy Live clips or Video Open End videos to add to their showreels and can also upload other sources of media to add to their showreels. From the video editor, users can customize the music, voiceovers,  layouts, colors, and more when creating showreels. The possibilities are endless! When running qualitative research, Showreels are a great way to tell a compelling and humanized story with your data, integrate your quant and qual data, and ultimately make a big impact with your stakeholders!

Ready to create a showreel? Check out our Step-by-Step Guide to get started!