Adding Images or Videos

There are a few ways you can share media or stimuli with members. You can either add a single image or URL to a question of any type, or you can use up to 6 images as answer choices on a Multiple Choice question. 

Before adding your images, keep in mind the following guidelines!

  • Images must be smaller than 6MB
  • Images must fit within the following range: 640x640 px to 2560x2560 px

Adding a single image or URL to a question of any type:

Step 1: Toggle the Add Media setting ON


Step 2: Indicate whether you'd like to add a URL or an image (File Upload).


  • To add an image, select File Upload and click the Upload button. 
  • To add a URL, select URL and paste your link in the Media URL field.

Suzy Tip: When adding images, ensure your files are in JPEG or PNG format and do not have transparent backgrounds. For optimal member experience, we suggest an aspect ratio of 4:5. 

Step 3: Add a caption if applicable. 


Adding images as answer choices on a Multiple Choice question:

Step 1: Change the answer format from Text to Images.


Step 2: Upload your images to each answer choice. You can do up to 6 images. 

Suzy Tip: If you have more than 6 images for respondents to consider, switch back to Text answers and use the Add Media function to upload a single screenshot of all of your images, with each one numbered or lettered. You'll use those numbers/letters as your answer choices for respondents to indicate which image they want to answer with. 

Step 3: Fill in the Answer Choice text for each image. This will be text respondents see in conjunction with each image.