Adding Media (Images or Videos) to a Question

Want to share images or videos with your user segment? Adding Media to your questions and surveys is a piece of cake. This video will walk you through all the steps necessary or scroll down for a quick reference guide.

Add media to your questions in a few easy steps. 

  • Click on Quick Launch (upper right corner) or Create Action (left sidebar).

  • Select question format (multiple choice for this video, for example).

  • Scroll down within your question setup and click on Add Media and then select File Upload or URL.

  • To test a static image, select “File Upload,” click the upload and choose the file from your computer and click Open. 

    • Best practices for a static image:  Upload an image in JPEG/JPG or PNG format with a maximum of 4MB.  To optimize for mobile viewing, we suggest uploading images with an aspect ratio of 4:5, which is a minimum of 640px by 800px.  (General tip: Do not upload images with transparent backgrounds!)
  • To test multiple static images, paste the images onto one PowerPoint slide. Save this single slide as a JPEG/JPG or PNG, with the same size and aspect recommendations as mentioned above.  Upload this JPEG/JPG or PNG to your Suzy question.
  • To test a video or content on a website, first, upload your video to a site that generates a URL and does not require the user to download the video (we recommend YouTube or Vimeo).  After clicking "Add Media" when setting up your Suzy question, you will select “URL” and then paste the URL to your video into the “Media URL” field. 

    • Best practices for videos:  Vimeo and YouTube work the best on Suzy.  Make sure that your URL is accessible by anyone with the link by saving your video settings as "Public" or "Unlisted."  In terms of video length, we suggest 15-30 seconds which is long enough to get a point across while keeping your audience engaged. 
  • You can preview the media by clicking on the eyeball icon on the question set-up screen.

  • Ask Suzy.