Gender: Can I control the ratio of males and females who answer my question?

Yes. Suzy gives you full control over the gender ratio of your results.

When you reach the targeting steps as you create a question, you will first see gender and age. Simply click “Male,” “Female,” “Both,” or “Split”. If you want more female respondents than male, or vice versa, use “Split” to set a ratio. If you want an even split, set the bar to 50/50. Clicking “Both” means that both genders are eligible to participate in the question. Keep in mind that when adding a gender ratio, you can only do so for actions where the total respondents are targeted to a maximum limit of 500 respondents. This is applicable for all question types:

  • Multiple Choice
  • Open End
  • Rank / Scale grids
  • Custom grids
  • Surveys 

Forgot to target by gender before launching your question? You can also filter afterward, either on the dashboard while viewing results, or by using the results in your Excel download.