How do I create a custom consumer segment / audience? Do I need a screener question?

With full access to our panel of consumers, you can launch multiple choice questions to identify consumers of any segment that is of interest to you. 

Say you want to talk to consumers of a competitive brand.  Launch a multiple choice question asking consumers what brands or products they have recently purchased, and voila!  You have created a custom group of consumers that you can target back to at any time.

We recommend launching screener/qualifier multiple choice questions to a large sample size (we suggest N = 5,000) in order to ensure that you have enough consumers whose responses qualify them for follow up questions.  


Note: the maximum sample size for a multiple choice question is N = 15,000. 

Note: the maximum sample size for a survey is N = 1,000 (or N = 500 with a gender split). 

Note: the maximum sample size for an open ended question is N = 500. 


Targeting Profile: 

In addition to using screener/qualifier questions to explore specific target audiences, you can create targeting profiles to easily access your audience segments.

To create a targeting profile, go to “Targeting Profile” on the left panel on the Suzy dashboard. Select “New Profile” and add on the targeting parameters you are looking for.  Once this is all set up, select the name you would like to call the audience group. 

To access your targeting profile for future studies, type in the name of your profile in the top left search bar of your question set up.