How do I set up a focus group?

Log in to your dashboard. At the top right of your dashboard, click on the yellow “Quick Action” button. You can also click on “Create Action” on the left menu. Then, select “Focus Group”.

For the title - share an overarching topic or question. For the description - share a bit of context about what will come next on the first page.. Both of these fields will be shown to Members so it can be as simple as “Answer these questions about cake. We want to know more about your cake eating, baking, and buying preferences,” for example.

Then, add your first question. Once it has saved, you can add your next step, choosing to ask either another open-ended text response, or a photo if available in your license.

Select how long you want this group to run, up to 2 weeks. The average group runs about one week.

Focus groups are limited to 500 people. Otherwise, targeting is the same as any other action you set up: choose an age range, gender, demographics, and previous actions. We recommend that you first launch a screener question to help Suzy users self-select into your focus group and narrow down the options. This will also help ensure a 50/50 gender split.

After you launch your first set of questions, add more by going into the results page. In the upper right, use the button “Add Question” to launch more questions to the group.
You can start adding questions by clicking the “Discussions” tab once your targeting is saved. One question must be added to launch the focus group. After launch, you can always add more questions as they come up, or on a specific timeline. Participants will be notified when new questions are added.

See results by clicking the “Action List” in the left side dashboard. Type it in the search field at the top of the dashboard, then click on the bar chart icon. By clicking into your focus group, you can select a question. You have the ability to comment, asking specific members with especially enlightening answers to tell you more, etc. You can also bookmark certain comments to find more easily later.

To download results, go back to the action results page. Click “Download” in the upper left corner to download results.