Basic Targeting

Targeting is the ability to target an action to members who belong to certain demographics, segments, panels, or saved audiences. Head over to the Audience page to get started!


All targetable 

1. Previous Action Targeting

  • Click here to target to any previously run actions on your dashboard. Clicking this button will open up the previous action targeting modal, where you can search for and target to any previous actions. For more information about this kind of targeting, click here!

2. Quotas

  • Click here to set quotas on your survey! For more information on how to set up your quotas on Suzy, check out this quick overview, or head to our step-by-step set up guide

3. Presets

  • Preset Quotas: Target any of Suzy's pre-designated quotas, such as Suzy's Nat-Rep quota.
  • Saved Audiences: Target to any saved audiences that you've created! 
  • Segments (if enabled): Target to any of your segments that have been uploaded to the panel! 
  • Panels (if enabled): Target to any Panels that you have access to!

Confused about the difference between saved audiences, segments, or panels? Check out this article to learn more about Presets on Suzy!

4. Demographics (Sidebar)

5. Audience

  • Specify the total number of responses you would like to collect! There is a maximum of 1000 respondents per survey!

6. Demographics (Center Modal- Gender/Age)

  • Gender: Specify the gender and (if applicable) the gender split you'd like to target to. 
  • Age: Specify the age range that you'd like to target to