Retargeting Previous Actions

Previous Action Targeting or Retargeting is the ability to target an action back to members who participated (or didn't participate) in a previous action. You can either retarget at the action level or go further to retarget based on the way members responded to a previous action. 

Step 1: On the Audience page, click 'Previous Action Targeting' on the left hand side bar. This will open up the Question Targeting modal. 


Step 2: Use the drop down menu to choose the Action you’d like to retarget.

Suzy Tip: The ten most recently launched Actions will appear in the drop down menu. If you don’t see your Action – just start typing the question or title in and it will populate. 


Step 3: Indicate whether you’d like to retarget respondents who participated in this question or if you'd like to retarget respondents who did not participate in this question.

  • If you are including respondents who participated in this question, you can go further to target based on specific response conditions by toggling the switch to ON. Proceed to Step 4
  • If you're retargeting respondents who did not participate in the question, please ensure the Action has completed (is no longer live). Click Save


If you are targeting a Monadic Survey, you have the option to target respondents who answered specific questions OR were exposed to specific concepts within the study. A few notes on this feature:

  • To target a specific concept, users must select a concept question, and then toggle on “Target to monadic concept” in order to select the concepts. 
    • If a comparison question is targeted, the “Target to monadic concept” toggle will be disabled. 
    • Because a respondent can only see one concept within a study, targeting monadic concept(s) only allows for OR logic between concepts.


Step 4: If you'd like to target based on response conditions, use the OR, AND, or NOT logic operators to retarget certain responses. You can select the responses from the drop down menu and use the + button to retarget combinations of answers. 


You're able to retarget combinations of questions by clicking Add Question, and you're able to retarget groups of combinations of questions by clicking Add Group

Step 5: Click Save