What kind of things can I ask with Suzy?

Pretty much anything! From a quick gut-check to testing of concepts, claims and creative, identifying trends to innovating on new ideas and products, the actions available with Suzy are highly flexible.

Here are some of the different actions Suzy has to offer:

    • Multiple Choice: Limit a consumer’s response options (to frequency of purchase, scales, and more) and gauge responses by percentages.
    • Open-Ended: Give a broader prompt that requires consumers to share associations and broader answers. This can also be used for testimonials or create written responses.
    • Rank Grid Questions: Determine where items stack up in relation to each other. Consumers order a list of items in terms of their preference.

    • Scale Grid Questions: Ask consumers to rate a list of attributes at once.
    • Custom Grid Questions: Build your grid question how you want it. Having consumers rate the items across any scales or attributes you’d like e.g. a question allowing multiple responses or custom scales.
    • Survey: Mix multiple choice and open-ended questions targeted to the same broad audience.
    • Focus Groups: Ask open-ended questions to a selected segment of consumers and moderate a discussion in real time.