How do I edit results for Rank, Scale and Custom Grids?


You can view the results for your Rank, Scale and Custom grids directly in the Suzy platform, as well by downloading the grid results.  

When viewing grid results in platform, you have the ability to edit the grid output graphs, which can then be shared externally by downloading the customized graphs.... Read below for details! 



When customizing a grid's output graph on the Suzy dashboard, you can:

  • View the graph’s data with numbers or percentages
  • Change the overall graph color or individual bar colors
  • Rename the graph labels
  • Rename the question title text
  • Hover your cursor over the graph chart to view the corresponding value numbers
  • Export the customized graph as a png 
  • View results with a top-two box or bottom-two box reporting (for scale and rank questions only, not custom grids)
    • Scale Top-two: Shows the two answer options with the highest scale value 
    • Scale Bottom-two: Shows the two answer options with the lowest scale value 
    • Rank Top-two: Shows the two answer options ranked at the top (1 and 2)
    • Rank Bottom-two: Shows the two answer options ranked at the bottom (higher number values) 
    • Custom Grids: Top-two and bottom-two not available for custom grids

Preview - Customizing a Scale Question

Preview - Customizing a Rank Question

  • Crosstab the results with demographic information
    • Add top-two box reporting into the grid crosstab
    • Download grid crosstab with the full demographic analysis