Onboarding & Getting Started

New to Suzy? Getting started is easy! Watch this onboarding tutorial for everything you need to know about launching insightful actions, engaging members, customizing demographics, accessing your data, and much more.

Get started with Suzy by watching this easy-to-follow tutorial: 

  • What is Suzy? Seamless, real-time consumer feedback. (:25)

  • Member database: speed, custom targeting, retargeting, and member demographics. (1:07)

  • Member dashboard: anonymized questions worth redeemable points. (1:57)

  • Suzy platform overview: a menu of actions in the form of questions, surveys, focus groups, and samplings. (2:28)

  • Suzy dashboard overview -- recent actions, license/usage information, creating new actions, and tracking details. (3:33)

  • How to launch an action (ask a question) and utilize tools on left sidebar. (4:08)

  • How to create and review an action, set customizations, and view demographic settings. (5:58)

  • Accessing and analyzing fully completed actions; downloading/exporting data and graphs. (8:35)