Previewing a Survey

Survey Preview is a key feature of the Suzy platform, allowing you to test your survey through the eyes of the respondent! This interactive preview will give you that extra gut check so you can feel confident to launch your survey. You can test your survey yourself, or share the link for others to review! 

Survey preview is available for the following survey types:

  • Standard Surveys
  • Monadic Surveys
  • Screening Surveys

To preview your survey, simply click the “Preview” button from the “Review” page. This will open a new window with a preview of your survey. When previewing a survey, you will answer questions, just as a respondent would, to progress through the survey. If you try to proceed without answering a question, you will receive error messaging instructing you to answer accordingly (just as a respondent would!). This functionality allows you to view an accurate representation of the respondent experience. By providing your responses, you can test any in-step targeting logic you’ve added to make sure all is working as intended.

  • Don’t worry, survey preview responses are NOT recorded and do NOT count towards your response count. Feel free to retake the survey as many times as you need!


The side navigation bar is not displayed to respondents! Use this area to navigate through your survey preview and keep track of what question you are on. The side bar contains:

  • Controls:
    • ‘Undo’ Button
      • Pressing Undo will bring you back to your last step. 
    • ‘Copy Link’ Button
      • Copy Link will copy the preview link, allowing you to share your survey preview with others who can help review and test your survey. 
      • Note, you can share that preview link with Suzy users and non-Suzy users alike.
    • ‘Restart’ Button
      • Restart will bring you back to the beginning of your survey! 
  • Question Info: 
    • Question number and question type (ex: Multiple Choice, Open End)
    • Randomization settings
    • In-Step Targeting
    • Piping Logic
    • Previous Action Targeting
  • Survey Info:
    • Survey Title: The title visible to respondents at the start of the survey

When testing monadic surveys, an additional ‘Monadic Concept’ section will allow you to preview your survey with a specific concept. Feel free to switch concepts while testing, but heads up that the preview will restart if concepts switch mid-preview. 

A few quick notes about Survey Preview:

  • Survey Preview is available until a survey closes! Your survey preview link will expire after your survey is complete. If you need a survey preview link for an expired survey, clone your completed survey and you will have access to a new preview link!
    • While a survey is live and still fielding, the preview link is still available from any shared preview link! You can also access your survey preview by pressing EDIT on the survey detail page and navigating to 'Preview' on the Review page.
  • When making edits within a survey setup, the Survey Preview needs to be refreshed/reloaded in order to incorporate new edits.
    • If your Preview tab is open while making edits; just refresh your tab or “Restart” your survey to apply any changes
  • Opening Survey Preview on a laptop/desktop shows the desktop experience for surveys, including images, question layouts, and logic. 
  • Survey Preview is also mobile responsive- when opening preview links on your phone you can test your survey via mobile web view!