What is a targeting profile? How do I create a targeting profile? How do I find my targeting profile?

A targeting profile is a pre-made audience group comprised of a previously launched string of multiple-choice questions.  Having targeting profiles allows you to target questions back to already made audiences instead of having to target back to your questions every time a survey is launched.

Step 1)  Create your Targeting Profile.  Select “Targeting Profile” on the left panel on the Suzy dashboard.  Select “New Profile” and add on the targeting parameters your audience will require.  This is done through the targeting panel towards the top of your screen. 


Step 2) Add the targeting parameters to your Targeting Profile.  Add the targeting parameters just as you would for a new question or survey.  You can set gender, age, previous action targeting (through the "Target" bullseye), demographic targeting (through" +MORE"). 

Step 3) Name your Targeting Profile.  What do you want this audience to be titled?  For example, after selecting a previously launched question which identified consumers who shop at Shopify, it might make sense to label your targeting profile "Shopify Consumers." 

Step 4)  Use your Targeting Profile.  When you set up your next question or survey, you can add your pre saved audience into the "targeting profile" box of your set up screen.  Your question or survey will only be launched to people within your targeting profile.  To find a targeting profile, simply type the name of your targeting profile in the search box and it will appear. (Be sure to check your spelling if there are no matches.)