Retargeting: How do I target back to a question or survey that I have already asked? What about a specific answer choice?

Suzy’s re-targeting capabilities allow you to target back to questions asked both within and outside of a survey.

 To target back to a question that you have previously asked, click the bullseye (“Question Targeting Enabled”) icon toward the right of your targeting panel on the set-up screen. 


In the search bar, type in the question or survey title that you've already launched.  (Please note that we can only target back to questions that have been launched, not to questions still in "draft.")


A drop-down menu of the 10 most recently launched questions and surveys will appear.  Select the question or survey that you want to target back to.  (To target back to a less recent question or survey, just type in the question/survey title to search.)

Note: If you select the title of a survey, the drop-down menu will expand to reveal the individual survey questions. Select the survey question and proceed with the rest of the targeting steps.

Once the question is selected, you have the option to target back to those who participated in the question or target AWAY from those who participated in the question. (Note: If you are looking for a fresh set of respondents, we suggest targeting away from respondents who participated in the selected question. The question you are targeting away from must be closed/completed.)


When retargeting respondents who participated in previous questions, you can filter according to their responses. Targeting consumers by response conditions allows you to launch follow-up questions to consumers who provided specific answers.