How can I view and analyze the results of my questions? Can I download the results of my questions?

Across actions, you can download the results of your questions within the platform. With the several outputs available, you are able to analyze results in a variety of ways.

Raw Data Download

The raw data download allows you to see consumer demographics for each Member in addition to their response to your question. This download gives you the freedom to cut your data in whichever breakouts are best for you. We recommend using this output if you are comfortable with creating your own charts or use a third party statistical software.

For surveys, you can see a respondent’s answer choice pattern across all questions.

Demographic Data Download
The demographic data download allows you to see your data broken out by pre-set segments. This is the quickest and easiest way to see your data across demographics -- e.g. gender, age breakouts, income, etc. You can also see both the counts and percentages for each answer choice. Any pre-roll image will be added to the top of your sheet.

*For surveys, you can download demographic data by going into each individual question to download or by going to the Survey Summary Page and "Downloading All > Bulk Demographic"


Chart Download
The chart download allows you to quickly share a visual of your data. You can easily save the image and attach in an email or add it to a PowerPoint deck.

For surveys, you have the ability to download these as a bulk download of images  in a compressed folder or download a PDF which includes all of the images you select.

Ways to download by question type:


Raw Data Download

Demographic Data Download

Chart Download

 Multiple Choice

 Open End


 Rank Grid

 Scale Grid

 Custom Grid


 Focus Group