When do I use a Custom Grid question?

Custom grid questions are the most useful for asking the same question across a range of specifics. For example, if you want to ask, “How often do you visit these fast food restaurants?” you would usually have to ask respondents to choose their visit frequency separately for each institution. So, instead of asking, “How often do you visit Burger King? KFC? McDonald’s?” etc., the grid allows you to ask the broader question, then add the results to a grid for consumers to respond to.


You can add up to 10 rows (which, in our above example, would be the restaurants) and 10 columns (above, the frequency of your visits - daily, weekly, monthly, etc.). Select if you would like respondents to have the option to choose multiple columns per row by changing the number in “Choices allowed per row”.


Let's look at an example of a custom grid: