What are the most effective ways of engaging Members on Suzy?

There are several ways to create thoughtful questions and surveys that engage our Members and generate meaningful, valuable responses. Here are some tips on best practices:

  • Limit surveys to 5-10 questions
    • We have found that survey respondents get fatigued starting around the 7th question. Keeping surveys short ensures less dropoff in responses and higher-quality output. 
  • Be creative when asking questions
    • Typically our Members respond better to questions that are phrased more conversationally as they see themselves as partners with you when making decisions
    • Think of fun titles to draw attention to your survey and differentiate your questions from others.
  • Launch questions back-to-back as soon as you can
    • This will compel Members who have started your survey to completely finish it. You’ll be able to capture their responses in one current session instead of waiting for them to log back into the platform and resume answering. If you are retargeting an older question or survey (excluding screeners), we recommend waiting no longer than 2 weeks as drop off tends to dramatically increase after that window.