Concept Test Survey - Testing Multiple Concepts

This survey is best used if you're testing multiple product/package images or concepts. This will allow you to have several metrics to easily compare across the concepts.

To add an image or video of your product, check this link to add it to your survey.



  1. [OPEN END, SHOW IMAGE OR DESCRIPTION OF PRODUCT CONCEPT] What three words first come to mind when viewing this product?

  2.   Considering everything you know about this product, how appealing is it to you?
    • Very appealing
    • Somewhat appealing
    • Not sure
    • Not too appealing
    • Not at all appealing

  3. How unique is this product in comparison to other products that you have seen or purchased?
    • Very unique
    • Somewhat unique
    • Not sure
    • Not too unique
    • Not at all unique

  4.  [SHOW IMAGE AGAIN] How likely would you be to purchase this product if it was currently available to you?
    • Very likely
    • Somewhat likely
    • Not sure
    • Not too likely
    • Not at all likely

  5. If you were to be considering purchasing a [INSERT CATEGORY HERE],  how well would this product meet your needs?
    • Very well
    • Somewhat well
    • Not sure
    • Not too well
    • Not well at all

  6. [OPEN END] What do you like the most about this product? We will ask you what you dislike next.

  7. [OPEN END] Now, what do you like the least  about this product?