Purchase Intent Survey

This survey is best used to understand how likely are consumers to purchase a product/service/brand. 

If you need to add an image or video of your product, check this link to add it to your survey.


  1. How likely are you to buy this product if it were available in the stores where you normally shop?
    • Definitely would buy
    • Probably would buy
    • Might or might not buy
    • Probably would not buy
    • Definitely would not buy

  2. Which best describes why you’d purchase this product?
    • I really need this product because nothing else can solve this problem
    • This is a minor improvement over what I currently use
    • This is about the same as what I am using
    • My current product would serve me better
    • I am not interested in this product

  3. How would you rate this product in terms of being new and different from other products currently available?
    • This is extremely new and different!
    • Very new and different
    • Somewhat new and different
    • Slightly new and different
    • Not at all new and different

  4. [ADJUST PRICES ACCORDINGLY TO THE PRODUCT] At what price would this new product begin to be too expensive that you would never consider buying it (and please be reasonable, thanks!)
    • $10
    • $11.99
    • $12.99
    • $13.99
    • None of the above

  5. How much would you be willing to pay for this new product(and please be reasonable, thanks!)?
    • $10
    • $11.99
    • $12.99
    • $13.99
    • None of the above

  6. Which of these factors is MOST important to you when you are deciding to purchase this product?
    • Price
    • Product Quality
    • Store locations
    • Customer service
    • Convenience

  7. Based on what you read/saw, how likely are  you to recommend the following product to a friend or family member?
    • Extremely likely
    • Likely
    • Neutral
    • Unlikely
    • Extremely unlikely