What are Tags?

Tags are internal labels or keywords that you can assign to individual actions. You can add up to 5 tags to a single action and easily filter by tag in your Action List to quickly find what you're looking for. Tags can be added before an action is launched in the Review page, or you can add tags from your Action List. 

Create tags for conventions that make sense to you and your team, and try to keep the tagging convention as consistent as possible across actions for maximum benefit. Here are some common conventions that can be used as tags:

    • Brand name
    • Product name
    • Internal team name
    • Project type
      • Concept testing
      • Shopper insights
      • Purchase intent
      • Competitive study
      • Packaging design
    • Product category
    • Internal project name
    • Target audience
    • Concept name

Learn more about how to create and add tags here