I’m having trouble accessing Suzy from my office and/or work computer. What should I do?

Some companies have security measures in place that inadvertently block access to the Suzy platform. If you suspect that this might be happening to you, then you or your internal IT team can authorize our platform urls to restore full access.

Authorizing our URL addresses

Below is a list of critical urls you may need to allow, along with a summary that you can send to your internal IT team if necessary.

  1. App.suzy.com
  • The main URL through which users can log in and access the Suzy platform.
  1. Api.asksuzy.io
  • API that supports the Suzy platform. All calls to the database must be processed through this URL, and the platform cannot function without proper access.
  1. Suzyclient.b2clogin.com
  • This is the redirect connection between Suzy and Microsoft Azure, which handles all user access management and password controls.
  1. ws.asksuzy.io
  • This URL is for SignalR, a web sockets software library used to show live, real-time results to our users via their dashboards. It also displays status notifications while processing downloads.
  1. App.asksuzy.com
  • Legacy URL for users to access the Suzy platform.