Media, Images and Videos

Images and media are a great way to show your audience stimuli, whether it’s in junction with an individual Action, as answer options, or in a Monadic Test. 

Image and media guidelines

Image files can be uploaded in JPEG/JPG or PNG format, and there is a maximum file size of 6MB. For optimal image viewing, we suggest uploading images with an aspect ratio of 4:5 with a minimum of 640px by 640px and a maximum of 2,560 x 2,560px. Also, make sure that your images don’t have a transparent background to ensure they display properly. 

You can upload one image for a single action, or if you have multiple images, you can use Images as Answer choices for Multiple Choice actions. If you have multiple images you want to show your respondents on an action other than a Multiple Choice, you can take a screenshot of all images together and upload that screenshot as a single image. 

Media URLs can be added to questions as well. For videos, these take the form of unlisted or public Youtube or Vimeo videos. At this time, other hosting services and video permissions (private) are not supported. For files, these take the form of file sharing services like Google Drive - just make sure links are public. Lastly, for websites, we suggest only attaching links that are mobile-friendly to ensure our mobile users have a good viewing experience. 

Using captions

You have the option to add an image or media caption in the Suzy platform. These captions can be used to give more context to the image or media the respondent is viewing, or they can be used to give supplemental information. Respondents will be required to view both the caption and the image/media before answering your question(s). 

Using images as answer options

When you’re using images as answer options, be mindful of how detailed the images are that you’re uploading. Respondents will have to take in each answer image, so if the images are very detailed, it will take respondents longer to process what they’re seeing and can lead to lower quality answers. 

Choosing images or stimuli for Monadic Tests

If you’re including text in your stimuli for Monadic Tests, make sure that the font is large enough for it to be readable on a mobile device. 

Respondents do have the ability to zoom in and click back into the stimuli image as often as needed throughout the survey.