What media works best and how does it look?


Adding Media Guidelines

In order to ensure that your attached media will be seen by members, please follow the below guidelines.

Adding media URLs:
  • Videos: Only use public links to videos hosted on Youtube or Vimeo. Other hosting services are not supported at this time.
  • Files: Make sure all links to file sharing services (e.g. Google Drive) are public.
  • Websites: To optimize for mobile viewing, we suggest only attaching links to responsive (mobile-friendly) webpages.
Adding images:
  • Files can be either JPEG/JPG or PNG format.
  • There is a maximum upload limit of 4MB.
  • Do not upload PNG images with transparent backgrounds.
  • Files should have a minimum size of 640px by 640px. To optimize for mobile viewing, we suggest uploading images with an aspect ratio of 4:5, which is minimum of 640px by 800px.


How This Appears to Respondents


Before viewing the media: