The Suzy Live Process

Your Suzy Live project is about to get started! You’ll be interviewing consumers before you know it.

Here is an overview of what you can expect to happen next, and what you should keep in mind.

  1. Scoping - Align with the Suzy team on your research objectives, target audience and timing for your qual project. We’ll help you design the best research project based on your needs.
  2. Screening - Finalize screening questions & criteria with your Suzy team. Suzy will screen participants and compile a list of eligible users. Additionally, you can use the Suzy Live Audiences feature to choose open ended survey responses you want to dig into and consumers you want to follow-up with for 1:1 interviews. For more information on how to use Suzy Live Audiences, please click here.
    • During this time, please select the type of interview you are conducting (IDI or Focus Group) and provide us with your availability to sit in on interviews
    • If there is anyone else from your team who should be included on the interviews, please send us their email
  3. Outreach & Scheduling - Suzy will contact eligible users to schedule time for an interview within the time slots you have given. Calendar invites will be sent to you once interviews are booked.
    • While we’re scheduling interviews, be sure to finalized your Discussion Guide and upload it before interviews begin. This allows for easy access and note-taking during your interview. Looking for some guidance on discussion guides? Check out this handy template.
  4. Conducting Interviews - Video call information is provided in your calendar invitation. You’ll be able to take notes during the interview, use our backroom chat to talk to colleagues, and bookmark key insights. Utilize the Interview Chat to send the participant a URL to open or any additional information.
    • In-depth Interviews (IDIs)- 
      1. All you have to do is show up! 
    • Focus Groups-
      1. For Focus Group interviews, the moderator must admit participants from the waiting room to the interview room. This gives moderators control of who is chosen for the focus group, and allows for any technical issues to be resolved before the focus group begins!
        1. We'll over-recruit for your focus group so you never fall short on participants. Anyone left in the waiting room will be instructed to wait 15 minutes in case you need a replacement.
      2. Once all desired participants have been admitted, the interview can begin! 
    • Want some tips on moderating IDIs and Focus Groups? Check out our best practices!
  5. Wrap Up - After interviews are completed, video recordings and transcripts will be provided, and you can add more notes, bookmarks, and clips as needed.

Have any questions? Contact the Suzy team!