Saved Audience Best Practices

To make the most of our Saved Audiences, we have a series of best practices to keep in mind. 


When should I use Saved Audiences?

  • If you are planning to conduct multiple studies with the same audience, a Saved Audience would be more efficient and would ensure consistency across your studies. 
  • When there are multiple users on your license who will be targeting the same audience. 

How detailed should I get with my Saved Audiences?

  • As detailed as you’d like! There is no limit to the number of Saved Audiences you can create, so if you know you'll be targeting the same groups consistently, a Saved Audience is a great solution.
  • Example: If you’re targeting the same age range for the majority of your projects, include it with other qualifiers. However, if you’re targeting different age ranges each time, leave it broad on your Saved Audience, and you can add on the necessary age range for your survey on top of your Saved Audience. 

Refreshing Saved Audiences

  • If your Saved Audience uses previous action targeting, you'll want to refresh your Saved Audience on a quarterly basis. Similar to our screening best practices, you only want to retarget actions that have been launched within the last 3 months. You can refresh a Saved Audience in three easy steps:
    • Step 1: navigate to the Audiences tab, and click the Edit pencil on the Saved Audience you need to refresh.
    • Step 2: Update the previous action targeting to be targeted to the refreshed screening question (if the question was launched more than 3 months ago, go ahead and clone/relaunch that question)
    • Step 3: Click Save.