Which feature (Saved Audiences, Panels, or Segments) should I use in Suzy Audiences?

Let’s check to see which feature you need...

  • Do you want to target the same group of consumers or types of consumers repeatedly?
    • If yes, keep reading!
    • If no, probably don’t need to access Suzy Audiences for the time being, but feel free to use your license as you’d like. Audiences is here to help you quickly access groups of consumers that you’ll talk to frequently.
  • Looking to target B2B, company decision makers, niche audiences, or other harder to reach groups?
    • If yes, check out our Suzy Panels feature.
    • If no, keep reading!
  • Do you have a typing tool or segmentation that has already been created elsewhere?
    • If yes, then you’ll check out our Segment feature.
    • If no, you’ll likely need to use our Create an Audience 
    • If you’re unsure, keep reading!
  • Do you have a series of questions that an agency or research expert created to help you identify your key audiences?
    • If yes, keep reading!
    • If no, you’ll likely need to Create an Audience.
  • Using the series of questions provided, how straightforward is it to target based on consumers’ responses?
    • Very straightforward - check out Create an Audience. I know exactly how each response leads to the next question to get to my target audience.
    • Somewhat straightforward - you’ll likely need to Create an Audience. There is some complicated logic but I should be able to get by with “and” “or” and “not” logic.
    • Not straightforward at all - you’ll likely need to use our Segment feature.
      • Each response has a hidden value and depending on the combination of values, respondents are coded into a specific group.
      • I have an Excel spreadsheet with formulas or an explanation of the algorithm on how to code respondents a certain way.

Key Differentiators: 


Saved Audiences




To quickly target back to consumers you’ve already identified with previous questions 

To target niche audiences

To target to unique audience definitions that you’ve already identified in previous research

How it works

Using existing questions you’ve launched in platform, you can categorize members based on specific answer choices

Suzy gives you access to a group of pre-identified members to target instantaneously

Suzy launches your qualifying survey, gathers enough responses, and then identifies each member into the relevant segment for upload

What’s the earliest I can use this feature?


Use existing questions or launch new questions to get started


Once you purchase you’ll have this panel added into your account

2-3 weeks

Once we kick off we’ll need 2-3 weeks to accumulate enough members to have enough sample in each of your segments

How do I access this feature?


Available across all license tiers


Speak with a Suzy representative to get this added to your account 


Speak with a Suzy representative to get this added to your account