An in-depth look at Segments


How does Suzy implement my segments into the platform?

  1. Define your Segments. Share your current segmentation questionnaire or brand typing tool with the Suzy team. We’ll evaluate the questionnaire and algorithm to ensure that we’re able to implement it into the platform. Don’t have a segmentation tool? Explore our dynamic market segmentation solution, where our team will help create a segmentation tailored to your research needs.  
  2. Suzy identifies your consumers. Once we’ve aligned on the segmentation, the Suzy team will screen thousands of respondents from our proprietary audience - mapping your precise segmentation against our pre-existing audience of consumers. Typically, this takes about 2-3 weeks.
  3. Launch actions to your segments. Once respondents have been tagged and properly sorted into the proper cohorts, your segments will appear with the rest of your saved audiences in Suzy, allowing you to launch actions to all mapped users or specific Segments.

For each Segment, this process is refreshed on a quarterly basis.