What are Saved Audiences, Panels, and Segments?

Suzy "Audiences" is a one-stop-shop for all of your targeting and custom audience needs. We offer three solutions that are best suited for your various targeting needs: Saved Audiences, Panels, and Segments

Saved Audiences

  • Using Suzy’s default demographics and screening questions/previous action targeting, this solution allows you to create, classify, and save a custom audience you would like to survey. These are called “Saved Audiences.”
  • This comes standard with any Suzy license and allows you to use your question allocations to quickly engage with these different cohorts of consumers over time. 
  • This solution is best to use when you have relatively simple audiences you want to reach through screening questions. You can easily “save” and label each audience based on response patterns or screening criteria.
  • To learn more on setting up your own custom audiences, click here.



  • Panels are pre-identified, verified, hard-to-reach audiences who fit a certain criteria -- typically B2B, occupation, or healthcare focused -- that our Audience team manages through rigorous screening, vetting, and refreshing of respondents. By leveraging these internal processes, we can help you reach niche audiences in shorter time frames.
  • By purchasing a panel, you can easily reach out to these niche audiences without worrying about creating detailed screeners to identify or maintain these respondents - our Audience team keeps them engaged so that you launch a survey, they’ll already be active on our platform.
  • This solution is best to use for harder-to-reach audiences that are traditionally difficult to survey frequently and/or have a high cost per response.
  • To learn more about the panels we have and adding them to your license, click here.



  • Do you have a typing tool or segmentation that you want to integrate into the platform? Owning our own panel, Crowdtap, that is integrated into the Suzy platform allows us to tag members with various data points that fit your typing tool or segmentation criteria and enable you to survey and recontact these participants over time.
  • By purchasing a Segment, we will run your segmentation in the Suzy platform, allowing as many respondents to answer the relevant questions within 2-3 weeks. From there, we will classify and tag those members to the segment they qualify for. We refresh Segments on a quarterly basis to ensure that you have a constant pool of consumers to survey.
  • This solution is best to use when you already have a typing tool, segmentation, or have identified your core audiences and want to keep a pulse on how they are trending.
  • To learn more about implementing your own segments, click here