How do I create a saved audience?


If you’re interested in creating a saved audience, click here for a how-to video, or read the steps below!

  • Select the “Audiences” tab on the left side navigation panel of your Suzy homepage. 
  • Once you’re in the Audiences tab, navigate to “Create now” in the “Create an Audience” grouping or click on “+ Create an audience” in the mid-lower right corner.

Similar to adding targeting to any of your questions or surveys, you’ll use the same targeting panel to build your audience. 

Having questions you’ve already launched on the platform makes this process even easier. If you haven’t yet, no worries, you can launch from this set-up:

Add the targeting parameters to your Saved Audience  

  • Add the targeting parameters just as you would for a new question or survey.  You can set gender, age, previous action targeting (through the "Target" bullseye), and demographic targeting (through" +MORE"). 

Name your Saved Audience 

  • What do you want this audience to be called? For example, after selecting a previously launched question which identified consumers who shop at Shopify, it would make sense to label this targeting profile "Shopify Consumers." 

If you’re in need of a refresher on how to use the targeting panel, check out this article.