An in-depth look at Panels

How does Suzy vet and manage its panels?

  • At Suzy, we develop and launch our own set of screening criteria to the general Crowdtap audience to determine initial eligibility for a specific panel. 
  • After this initial qualification, we ask specific open-ended questions that are then evaluated one by one for quality and relevancy.
  • This process is repeated on a quarterly basis to ensure each Panel is up-to-date, active, and engaged. If necessary, we can refresh a Panel more frequently.

What panels do you have and what are the definitions for each?



Small Business Owners

Own and operate a small business, and on average, have less 20 employees and generate less than $500k in revenue

IT Decisions Makers

IT professionals who have purchasing power for security software and computers.


People working in an academic setting.

Enthusiastic Gamers

People who play video games as a primary hobby and also consume digital content related to games regularly.


Workers who perform skilled labor.

Information Workers

People who use their computers for work more than 20 hours/week, and primarily use Office 365 for productivity.

Healthcare Professionals

Professionals working in healthcare or a healthcare-related profession.

Includes: administrative roles, nursing professionals, medical doctors/techs, physician assistants, etc.


Are these the only panel Suzy offers?

  • We’re constantly looking into new panels to offer. Currently we roll out panels based on popular demand. Contact us to let us know which ones you’re looking to see.