What it is Nat-Rep?

What is National Representation?

National Representation (Nat-rep) describes a sample that is representative of the population by 1-3 attributes (e.g. age, gender, ethnicity, etc.). In this regard, some component of the sample mirrors the population (based on census).


What is Suzy’s Definition of Nat-Rep

At Suzy, our current national representative quotas are nat-rep for age and gender only.


Below is an example for a sample size of 500 respondents. The percentages shown is our nat-rep standard.




When should I use it?

You should use nat-rep if you need your sample to look like the population. 


If you’re targeting a specific user e.g. Walmart shoppers, Football watchers, nat-rep is not the best use case as these groups do not mirror the US population.