Building a Monadic Survey

Monadic Tests are a great way to test two or more concepts. Monadic Surveys present respondents with one concept in isolation, and the same set of questions are asked across all of the concepts. Learn more about use cases for Monadic Testing here

Create and launch a Monadic Test in six easy steps:

Step 1: Click the Create Action tab on the left-hand navigation panel. Choose Monadic Testing from the Action menu. 


Step 2: Add in any necessary targeting or retargeting settings. More details on targeting and retargeting linked here. 

Step 3: Enter a Title and Description for your Survey (these are respondent-facing), the number of concepts you'd like to test, and the response cap. Click Next: Concepts

Note: You're able to test up to 10 concepts with up to 1000 respondents. The number of respondents you indicate in this field are the total number of respondents for your survey. They will be randomly distributed across the concepts you are testing. Underneath the respondents field, you can see about how many this will come out to per concept. To allow for automatic stat-tested results, you need a minimum of 50 respondents per concept. 


Step 3: Indicate whether you'd like to test stimulus as a URL or as an image by toggling the setting at the top of the page. 

Step 4: Paste in your URLs or upload your images for each concept. Give each one a Concept Title - these titles will not be shown to respondents, but they will be shown in your results and should be specific enough to differentiate between your concepts. 


Once your stimulus is added and your concepts are named, click Next: Questions

Step 5: There are two categories of questions you can ask in a Monadic Test:


Add in your Concept questions and Comparison questions (if applicable). Click Next: Review

A few notes on logic and piping:

  • In-step logic is available on within both Concept and Comparison questions within each section (Comparison questions cannot be targeted back to Concept questions).
  • Piping is available within the Comparison question section. 

Step 6: In this review screen, you can set your Monadic Test duration, add Tags, preview your Monadic Test, and click Launch Now.