Understanding Monadic Results


In-platform - most question types operate similarly to a regular survey where charts will be populated with the most recent data. Additionally, you can view the data by the concept respondents were shown for concept questions in the crosstab section of each individual question (currently not available for comparison questions).

Below is more detailed information on each of the question types and how it would appear in-platform.

Multiple choice

  • Concept questions: the data will be broken out by each concept for each answer choice. You’ll be able to see the differences for each concept side by side.
  • Comparison questions: Data will be aggregated


  • Rating questions data appear in 2 ways.
    • Survey Summary:
      • Data for each rating question appears in the total performance summary at the top. You’ll see the mean for each concept, as well as the aggregated average.
      • Additionally, you can view each question similarly like a grid as it will show the percentage breakdown for each part of the rating scale by concept.

Open End

  • Survey summary page
    • Concept question: For each concept, you will see the top 5 words mentioned and the percentage on how many times it showed up in verbatims.
    • Comparison question: You will see a word cloud.
  • Individual question
    • For both concept and comparison questions you’ll be able to view a word cloud and the top words selected. For the concept questions, there will be a filter at the top that will allow you to view the data by all concepts aggregated or for a particular concept. 

Rank / Scale / Custom Grids 

  • All data for these questions will be shown at the overall level.

Excel Data


  • A column called “variant” will show what concept each respondent was exposed to.


  • Each question will have its own tab. Any concept questions will show the overall and individually for each concept on the same tab.
  • Any rating questions will be summarized on the first tab, in addition, to its own individual tab.
    • Rating, rank, and scale questions will feature statistical testing as well.
  • Open ends that are concept questions will have a column called “variant” to help denote what concept the individual saw.


For any rating questions in your survey, they will be displayed on one singular page detailing the total performance. You’ll see 2 versions of the page one with the mean (average) and the other with the top 2 box score (percentage of people who selected the 2 highest points of the scale).

You’ll notice that statistical testing has been applied to these slides with the key at the bottom of the slide detailing the confidence intervals that the data is being tested at (e.g. 90% vs. 95%). 

When a data point has letters next to it, it means it is statistically significantly higher than the other data columns called out.


Monadic Testing- Output Example


Monadic Testing- Download Example


Multiple choice questions

For concept questions - you will see the data broken out by concept response, while they will be aggregated by comparison questions.

Any question type in comparison questions will show the data aggregated at the overall level and not broken out by the concepts evaluated.

Crosstabs within the Monadic Feature

You can crosstab other surveys and questions by your monadic survey results! To learn more about the crosstabs feature, click here