How do I use Nat-Rep?

How do I make my survey or question nat-rep

To make sure your survey or question is set to national representation - click into the search bar of the action you are creating. This will pull up a menu that features Nat-Rep under Quotas.


Click on nat-rep and your action will now field to Suzy’s definition.




For nat-rep, you'll have to launch questions to a sample size that is a multiple of 200 (e.g. 200, 400, 600, etc.).

This is to ensure that Suzy is able to hit the quotas properly.


How do I check the progress of my project in nat-rep?

In the details page of your live action, you’ll be able to see the current status of each quota against the number it should be fielding for?


In the results page, you’ll see if your data is fielding, processing, or ready to be pulled.


My results say “processing,” what does that mean?

When your results are processing, the Suzy platform is going through the current respondents to ensure that your completed data will have the correct percentages of each age/gender group that make up your quota. Although it will remove any excess respondents, you will remain with the number of respondents you originally set your quotas for.


My survey/question is taking too long in field, what happens if I close my action too early?

If you close your survey/question early, you won’t achieve the nat-rep quotas. Instead any excess respondents that are part of a completed quota would be removed and all other respondents will remain within your data.

I want a different quota breakdown than what Suzy has, how can I use my custom scheme?

Reach out to your CSM to determine if your quota can be implemented into the platform for your use.


I want to add use nat-rep or my custom quotas on top of additional targeting, is this possible?

Currently, you can choose to either target back to your previous questions or use nat-rep / custom quotas. We are exploring ways to allow you to do both within platform.