Logging in to Suzy Live

Accessing Suzy Live is simple! To start, make sure you’re logged in to your Suzy account at https://app.suzy.com/.


If a user doesn’t have a Suzy account already

You may want to loop in colleagues who don’t already use Suzy. We’re happy to get them into Suzy Live to observe interviews, take notes or download assets. 


  • Add your colleagues to your Suzy Live project with their associated role, but they will not yet be able to log in
  • Notify your Client Success Manager of the users who will need access
  • Your CSM will request for their account to be created, and will send the user their log in details
  • Make sure they’re logged in to Suzy first before attempting to access Suzy Live
  • After they’re logged in to Suzy, they can access Suzy Live from either of the two methods mentioned below


Submit a New Project

  • From your Dashboard click Quick Launch in the top right
  • Click Launch IDIs
  • You’ll be logged in to Suzy Live and immediately provided with the Suzy Live new project request form

Note: If you log in to Suzy via this method but don’t want to submit a project, just X out of the box when it appears and you’ll see your Dashboard.



View Your Suzy Live Dashboard

  • From your Suzy Dashboard, find Suzy Live in the left side navigation bar
  • Click Suzy Live
  • You’ll be logged in to Suzy Live and brought to your Dashboard with an overview of your Projects and Upcoming Interviews


Note: Don’t see Suzy Live in your left hand navigation bar? Contact your Client Success Manager and we can enable it for you!