What is Monadic Testing?

Monadic is a research methodology used to show respondents only 1 concept out of several you want to test. This method is often favored for concept test for the following reasons:

  • It best mimics the real world as you often only see one version of a product or concept out in the market.
  • It eliminates bias as consumers do not have any of the other versions in mind when currently evaluating another.
  • Allows you to gage the concepts’ true performance as you can understand if the concepts you’ve created generally perform well or perform low (even if one performs better than the others, it can still be a low performer in the market).


At Suzy, Monadic is a feature used to help field your survey and analyze your data quickly. The feature easily divides your target audience into each of the concepts you’re testing at random. After your study is done fielding, you can view in-platform the results side-by-side. Using the powerpoint export, your data will automatically be stat-tested so you can easily see which concepts outperforms the other.


Other names of this feature/ methodology you may have heard of:

  • A/B Testing
  • Split Testing
  • Cell Testing