Best Practices for the Monadic feature

Here a few Suzy best practices when using the Monadic feature.


Our recommended number of concepts / respondents: 4 concepts / 600 respondents total

  • When deciding how many concepts or respondents to set your survey to, here a few things to keep in mind:
    • Number of concepts:
      • How similar / different your concepts are - if your concepts are very similar, consider cutting the number of concepts you’re showing as results will likely be similar.
        • If you have a mix of concepts in terms of finish e.g. a storyboard versus a completed ad. We recommend making sure the quality / stage of completion is the same for all.
      • Adding a control or benchmark concept - include an existing product or competitor's product as an additional concept to test. This allows you to better judge your concepts' overall performance and provides a reference point on how your new concepts stack up against current products in the market. If your new concepts perform better than an existing product, you know that your concepts are on the right track. If they underperform, you can now focus on tweaking the concepts to boost potential in-market performance.
    • Number of respondents:
      • How niche your audience is - if it’s a difficult audience to reach, lower your respondent cap so that you increase your chances of having a more even spread among the audiences
      • How fast you’d need the survey - the more people you need, the more time it will take to field
      • If you want your data to be statistically tested - you need a minimum of 50 respondents per concept for statistically testing to be applied


Uploading your concepts

  • In addition to following Suzy guidelines for images, we have a few recommendations on what works best for a respondent's experience.
  • Show respondents the concepts every 2-3 questions so respondents do not have to open up the concept for every question. This creates a poor member experience and will lead to drop-off. Additionally, the respondent has the ability to take a look at the image at any time they'd like to during the concept questions.


Adding in a forced choice

  • To help be a tiebreaker for similar concepts, we recommend adding in a forced choice question.
  • This is particularly helpful in case multiple concepts are statistically higher than the other concepts being tested and you only want to proceed with one.


What question types should I use?

Rating vs. multiple choice

  • If you want to see your data statistically tested, we recommend using the rating for any scaled questions (e.g. likert).
  • For any questions that do not use a likert scale or are multiple select, use the multiple choice action.


Concept vs. comparison questions.

  • For any question (that is one of the 3 approved concept questions) you’d like to break out by concept, use the concept section.
  • For questions that require new stimuli that everyone sees, use the comparison questions.
  • Additionally, any questions that are not concept dependent, we recommend using the comparisons questions.
  • Finally, any action type you’d like to use that is not available in the concept questions must be used in the comparison section.